Harriston-based youth theatre company set to stage Haley Rogers and the Escape from Summer School

The Grey Wellington Theatre Guild’s (GWTG) seventh annual summer youth production is an original comedy/adventure with a time-travel twist.

The play, Haley Rogers and the Escape from Summer School follows the trail of two best friends stuck in summer school after failing an English exam.

“They get whisked away on an adventure in Arthurian times by a young enchantress, Morgana le Fay, and have to navigate King Arthur’s court,” explains GWTG member Megan Raftis, who wrote the play and is co-directing it with Peggy Raftis and Dan Bieman.

The show features 21 actors between six and 15 years old,  from Minto, Mapleton, Howick and Walkerton. It is the seventh summer production staged by the guild entirely with youth actors.

“It’s definitely a comedy,” Raftis explains. “A light-hearted summer romp – kind of a comedy/adventure.”

In addition to “the adorable children,” Raftis says audiences will enjoy the high-energy, humourous production because, “I think the kids are really enjoying themselves and that always conveys well to the audience.”

While the main goal is creating a play that’s fun for young people to be involved in, the youth theatre program is designed to give budding actors the chance to shine on stage. The youth company shows also provide an ideal opportunity for parents or grandparents to introduce children to theatre by bringing them to watch the production.

Haley Rogers and the Escape from Summer School runs July 22, 23 at 7:30pm and July 24 at 2pm at the Harriston Town Hall Theatre.

Tickets are a family-friendly $5 the door or from cast members.

Call 519-338-3681 for information or go to greywellingtontheatre.com.