Group provides quilts for aid in Nepal

The the local United Church Women met with guest speaker Bev May of Harriston on May 20 at Knox United Church in Clifford.

Throughout the winter, the women of the Clifford pastoral charge of Knox and Alsfeldt meet to tie quilts and trim cancelled postage stamps. Elaine Field collects the stamps from all over Bruce Presbyterial and encourages anyone interested to trim them to a size suitable for the Canadian Bible Society, which sells the stamps to collectors and raises money to fund the purchase and donation of Bibles.

The quilts are donated to women’s and men’s shelters in the area or further afield wherever a need arises. With recent events and catastrophes world-wide, the ladies decided to ship the quilts a world away to Nepal where they hope those in crisis and chaos would be comforted by the donation.

 Bev May works locally with organizations to gather and distribute a number of necessary items for anyone in need. She appreciated this donation of a dozen quilts and said she believes the people of Nepal will feel gratitude for the people who cared enough to help.