Group celebrating 30 years of music

Guelph – This city has always been known for its love of music.

It is the birthplace of internationally known com­posers and musicians, and the site of countless musical festi­vals for every musical taste.

For the last 30 years, it has been the home of Royal City Mus­ical Productions, Inc (RCMPi).

RCMPi can be traced to 1955, with the the launch of the Guelph Light Opera Company. Up until 1971, that company produced Broadway musicals and revivals of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Nearly ten years after that group disband­ed, after many years of inter­mittent community performan­ces, former GLOC members decided it was time to start up a new group; there was so much talent in the city, and nowhere for people to perform. The seeds of RCMPi were sown when over 100 people showed up at a public meeting to deter­mine the amount of community interest. Before long, the group formed an executive, found a budget, and began planning its first production.

In May of 1978, with a group of 21 founding directors and a $1,000 grant from the Guelph Arts Council, plans for Oliver got underway. When over 200 people appeared at the first audition, organizers knew the city was ready for a new musical company. The 68 cast members and nearly 150 crew, all volunteers, en­joyed full hous­es for almost every per­formance.

Now, with two shows a year in the spring and fall, there is opportunity for volunteers to get involved. This November, RCMPi presents Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.