Grief support group, seminar offered at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

FERGUS – A local church is trying to spread the word about a support group aimed at helping those going through the loss of a loved one.

The Grief Share support group, which is open to anyone in the Centre Wellington area, starts on Sept. 19 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Fergus.

The faith-based program runs weekly for 13 weeks in a “comfortable and safe setting,” officials say.

Facilitated by local lay people, the sessions include information from counselors, psychologists, pastors and other professionals, all who have experienced a significant loss.

The main components of the weekly sessions are a DVD seminar, group discussions and workbook readings.

Each participant receives a workbook to keep for reference once the program ends. 

Officials say a $25 fee is appreciated to cover the cost of the workbooks.

The third Fergus group will begin meeting on Sept. 19 at 7pm at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

A separate two-hour “Loss of a Spouse” seminar is also available.

“For anyone who has experienced a loss of a spouse, parent, child or close friend, these programmes will assist through the grieving period,” officials say.

To register

To register, call St. Andrew’s Church at 519-843-3565.