GreenPAC endorses Wellington-Halton Hills candidate Michael Chong

OTTAWA – GreenPAC recently included Wellington-Halton Hills Conservative candidate Michael Chong among its list of environmental leaders.

“These are the candidates who have shown they will stand up for our environment – candidates we should look to for strong leadership for the health of our planet,” says GreenPAC’s executive director Sarah Van Exan.

“Michael has long been a voice for environmental and climate action, from championing carbon pricing within his party, to co-founding the all-party climate caucus, to working across jurisdictions to help establish the Rouge Urban National Park.

“We look forward to his continued leadership on Parliament Hill.”

GreenPAC endorsed 35 candidates across the major parties, encouraging environmentally-concerned Canadians to contribute volunteer hours and money to their campaigns.

In the 2019 federal election, GreenPAC endorsed 27 candidates, 16 of whom were elected.

In the weeks leading up to the announcement, GreenPAC conducted research and sought input and nominations from parties, candidates, environmental organizations and Canadians.

The organization asked about candidates’ knowledge, experience and leadership in their communities, workplaces and parties for the environment and environmental justice.

It also looked at winnability based on the past three elections and current polls.

Endorsements are determined by the GreenPAC expert panel, an independent group of provincial and national environmental specialists with no party affiliations.

The panel focused on track record and did not look at party platforms, campaign commitments or debate performances.

Launched in 2015, GreenPAC is Canada’s non-partisan non-profit organization that works to activate, inspire and amplify environmental leadership in politics.

GreenPAC’s other programs include an environment-focused political internship program on Parliament Hill, as well as initiatives to support the capacity of Canadians to advocate for environmental leadership and accountability.

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