There were many reasons to smile on Monday morning.

Numerous writers took the time to offer up thanks for good deeds they recently experienced in communities across Wellington County. 

These letters bear witness to something we have believed for some time, despite the negative banter that commands far too much attention. People are generally good and if given the chance they will rise to the occasion and lessen the burden facing others. 

There are plenty of examples in the letters to the editor this week where strangers were aware of their surroundings enough to step up and help others.

Appreciating what others have done and saying thanks completes the circle of living a life of gratitude.

Yes, life isn’t always perfect but if a person is open to good things happening, chances are good things will happen. As summer works its way to close and the return to school looms large, look around. We are lucky to live where we do.

Show some gratitude.