God: the active ingredient in my world

Submitted by Laurie Langdon

Given the state of our world these days, what I am about to say may shock you, but it is wonderfully true!

Today, in my world, God’s kingdom has come and his will is being done, “as it is in heaven.” (Mat. 6:10) He is the creative origin of all things and the agency whereby my world exists. He has created my spot, where his capacities are my capacities. The conditions that exist here are the conditions enacted by his rule and the powers in operation here are his powers. Everything I achieve is a result of the power that he exerts.

When I walk, he enables me to be strong. When I sing, he gives me the song. When I lie down and rest, he restores my strength. When I play, he is in the game, when I work, he labors beside me and when I love, he loves through me. He is the active ingredient in my every function.

His spirit flowing through me is my DNA. It is the spiritual foundation and essence of who I am and what I own, and it actively transfers God’s communicable characteristics to me.

Charged with and compelled by his presence, I am convinced of two truths:

Truth # 1: The power of God’s rule is in full effect in my world.

The conditions that have been established in Heaven are here, and the state in which he acts and exerts power in Heaven is the same state in which he acts and exerts power here.

His kingdom rule is the agency through which I have the ability to do what I do and to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

Truth # 2: God is fully engaged in my affairs and minding my business.

His presence is the action that makes my life function. My life would not work if he was not at work. His kingdom actively exerts power in and around me. It is the effective cause of every success and the force behind every victory.

When change is necessary, the strength of God’s rule is implemented. When a social or economic issue arises in my community, it is the active principle employed to its solution.

When I need leadership, wisdom or direction, it is the instrument by which I am enriched. When I am confronted by forces outside and beyond my control, Jesus Christ, the Lord of this kingdom, has been fully sanctioned to act on my behalf. He is my agent.

Laurie Langdon