Get lost

That’s right – find a quiet place and get lost.

Today, Family Literacy day, is the perfect time to do what people have been doing for centuries.

Whether learning about something real, or enjoying fiction, we strongly encourage families to embrace the notion of reading for fun.

There was a time that each of our kids had a dose of reading in their younger years. After teeth were brushed and they snuggled into bed they would be read books that were fun or had a lesson. Like most parents, time had to be made to squeeze in this healthy habit, but it started each on a path of reading.

In fact, many successful people we know, include reading as part of their daily regimen, whether it be local news, business publications or daily news from legitimate sources.

A good buddy of mine recounted a moment in his child’s education when a kindergarten teacher sensed a little help was needed in the reading department. She stayed after school, worked with him closely and all these years later he devours books and is on his way to a promising career. Is that not a hope and outcome every parent would want?

Although time is at a premium for us all, these formative years are very critical. As Wellington County’s chief librarian Rebecca Hine notes in our news story this week (see page 14), reading factors heavily into listening, vocabulary and language skills needed by students. Moving through grade school or even hoping to advance at a career down the road, requires the ability to understand, comprehend and imagine. Reading is the basis of all those activities.

Wellington County boasts an incredible library system, accessible to residents of all ages. Hopefully as current challenges become endemic, there will be a return to wholesome programs designed to stimulate senses and make reading fun.

Make time this week to get lost in a book and dream big.