Four artists offer exhibit in Elora

ELORA – Stephen Haigh, Grayce Perry Shirley Al and Heather Wood are featured in the Wood, Paper, Clay, Glass exhibition at Imagine Studio Gallery in Elora.

Wood, Paper, Clay, Glass, is  an  exhibition featuring  four very different disciplines from artists who have homes and studios located in Elora.

Stephen Haigh’s work in wood visually bridges the two to the three dimensional in his unique approach to marquetry. He has spent over 40 years exhibiting at the One of A Kind show

Grayce Perry works with paper, inks, silk and gold leaf in her intricate contemporary collages. She is introducing a new series, “Gateways” for this show.

Shirley Al has for many years created works in clay. In this exhibit her sculptures focus on amusing and capricious animals.

Heather Wood creates scraffito drawings using recycled glass and vitreous glass powders. Her walks in Elora forests inspire these glass panels and sculptures.

The exhibition runs from June 1 to June 12 from noon to 5 every day.

The opening will take place on May 31, from 7 to 10pm at Imagine Studio Gallery at 18 Colborne Street in Elora.