Firefighters, students help Sytske Drijber celebrate 103rd birthday

ROCKWOOD –  Firefighters paraded past Sytske Drijber’s house in honour of her 103rd birthday on Jan. 29. 

It is the third year in a row the firefighters have driven by on the veteran’s birthday. 

“I knew it was coming, yet I was kind of surprised when they did come,” Drijber said.

“Whoever expects that? You don’t.” 

She said it was very nice to see the fire trucks outside as she watched from the window. 

The birthday celebrations began earlier in the week when Rockwood Centennial Public School students walked over to Drijber’s home and sang Happy Birthday to her. 

“Oh I always appreciate when the kids come, yes I do,” Drijber said. 

Students from Eramosa Public School also delivered letters and cards to Drijber, who spent her birthday afternoon with family. 

“The children are here, and grandchildren,” she said on a phone call with the Advertiser. 

“It’s nice to see the next generation … we are having lots to eat and drink.”

“My favourite is chocolate eclairs,” she said, noting “the only time” she likes to have them is her birthday, “or any other family day.” 

In terms of advice for living a long life, Drijber recommends people “don’t overdo anything. I guess that’s it,” she said, “enjoy your life.”