Fergus resident releases children’s book

FERGUS – Fergus resident Jenny Lichty has released her second children’s book, Is a Smile Just a Smile? 

The story “poetically explores how one act of kindness could spread around the world or brighten at least one day,” states a submission to the Advertiser.

“I’ve always… had this passion for kindness, and… a dream that kindness could change the world,” Lichty said.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I loved how the whole world came together with kindness, it really warmed my heart and gave me hope for a really kind future.

“And then I saw how that kind of faded a bit. And I wished that it had continued, and so I thought, ‘is there a message I can spread or something I can do to promote that message of kindness?’”

Lichty added that her works always centre on a message or moral she wants to articulate.

She  published her first book, Ants in Your Pants, in 2021.

Her book is self- published using TellWell Publishing, and will be available on Indigo, Amazon, and at jennylichtybooks.com. Locally it will be at Brighten Up, the Elora Café, and the local library system.

Lichty starting self-publishing her children’s books in the pandemic. 


Between family and her full-time job Lichty finds whatever time she can in the day to work on her stories. “There’s nothing else I’d rather spend my spare time doing,” she said.

Lichty has always loved writing, and began to pursue it more seriously five years ago, when she had extra time. 

After writing her first book, Lichty spent several years exploring how to publish it, until she decided to take matters into her own hands and self-publish.