Fergus artist Madison Galloway releases new blues-rock single: Hatebirds

FERGUS – Madison Galloway, an award-winning artist from Fergus, is releasing her latest blues-rock single, Hatebirds. 

Hatebirds, co-written with Selby Copeland, is a witty exploration of the tumultuous journey from intense love to disillusionment. 

Inspired by the humorous notion of a couple transitioning from “lovebirds” to “hatebirds,” the song showcases Galloway’s lyricism and observational skills. 

Set against a backdrop of gritty blues-rock instrumentation, Hatebirds is a testament to Galloway’s ability to infuse personal experiences with universal themes, inviting listeners to join her on an emotive musical odyssey.

Having already made a name for herself on the Canadian music scene, Galloway has hit the stages of prominent festivals such as the Kitchener Blues Festival and Riverfest Elora, sharing billing with luminaries like 54-40, Ron Hawkins, and Jack De Keyzer. 

“With each performance, she solidifies her reputation as a must-see performer and a rising star in the world of blues-rock,” states a press release announcing the new single.

“Hatebirds” is poised to further cement Madison Galloway’s status as one of Canada’s most exciting new musical talents, the release states. 

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, and listeners are encouraged to experience it for themselves.

To hear the song or for more information about Madison Galloway, including updates on her music, visit madisongalloway.com.