Federal government sets grants for festivals

Two arts and culture festivals here will again brighten the summer landscape thanks in part to support from the government of Canada.
MP Gary Goodyear, (Cambridge), on behalf of Minister of Canadian Heritage Josée Verner, announced on March 14 that the federal government has cash for the Guelph Jazz Festival and the Hillside Community Festival of Guelph.
“Over the years, the Guelph Jazz Festival and the Hillside Community Festival of Guelph have made important contribu­tions to Canada’s cultural land­scape and to the economy of Guelph and its region,” said Verner. “Every year, both music festivals attract a number of tourists to the area, benefit­ing local businesses.”
Funding of $75,000 is being provided to the 14th annual Guelph Jazz Festival and Col­loquium, which will run from Sept. 3 to 7. The festival will present 20 concerts and 15 lec­tures and workshops that ex­plore innovative jazz and im­provised music.
The Hillside Community Festival will receive $60,000 to support its 25th event, which will run July 24 to 27. Located on Guelph Lake Island, the festival will feature five out­door stages and more than 50 artists performing in a wide variety of genres, including folk, pop, indie rock, and spok­en word. The festival will also include community workshops and demonstrations.
“The Guelph Jazz Festival and the Hillside Community Festival of Guelph are key con­tributors to the cultural vitality of the city of Guelph and surrounding areas,” said Dr. Goodyear. “It is important to support cultural events like these that enhance the quality of life of Canadians.”
The jazz event considers federal support critical for the well-being of the festival,” said Derek Andrews, Executive Director of the Guelph Jazz Festival. “The Department of Canadian Heritage is providing funding that allows for a strong foundation to be in place for the Guelph community’s cul­tural needs.”
“The Hillside Festival board, staff, and volunteers were delighted to get the News that the Department of Cana­dian Heritage will support our organization’s summer com­mun­ity music festival this sea­son,” said Festival Manager Rachel Thompson. “This sup­port will help us present a diverse array of Canadian and international talent, as we celebrate our 25th Hillside.”