Erin Tennis Club asks town to contribute $150,000 for court repairs

ERIN – Town staff are now looking at how to fund a $150,000 ask from the Erin Tennis Club.

Club president Andrew Salisbury delegated to council on Aug. 17 asking the town to pitch in money for repairs to the club’s five tennis courts (one has been converted to two pickleball courts this year).

“We do struggle in that our courts are in need of repairs,” Salisbury said, noting cracks running hundreds of feet and a depression in the fifth court the club refers to as a sinkhole.

“We’ve sort of survived this year, if you will, by making some minor repairs,” Salisbury told council. “But we need something sort of sooner than later.”

Long-term repairs are estimated to cost $250,000. Salisbury suggested the club could contribute $100,000 with the town chipping in $150,000.

The club has $62,000 in the bank today, according to Salisbury, and the club’s estimated revenue for next year is $18,000.

“So even to get $100,000, our club is short,” he said, adding the club and its 216 members will try and fundraise internally.

“We’re looking for your approval and support for a budget of $150,000 next year,” Salisbury said.

Councillor John Brennan motioned for the request to be referred back to staff.

“How are we going to finance this?” he said.

“Our budget process will I guess really begin in earnest very shortly,” Mayor Michael Dehn said. “So that’s where we can look at additional funds.”

Money for the club would exist in the town’s general reserve for parks and recreation, town treasurer Wendy Parr told council.

“I’m just gonna say that at the end of the day, we really want you to be aware of our needs, so that when you do budget next year that we’re not forgotten,” Salisbury said.

The request from the club was referred to town staff, who will return a report to council with a recommendation.