Erin medium launches second book on connecting with spirit world

ERIN – Medium, teacher and author Mary-Anne Kennedy is releasing a second book teaching people to connect with what she calls “the other side.” 

Kennedy’s first book, How to Become a Medium: A Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with the Other Side, was published in 2015 and offers an introductory guide to mediumship. 

Her upcoming book, Advanced Mediumship: A Masterful Guide for the Practicing Medium goes deeper, depicting the evolution and growth of both Kennedy and her readers. 

The release date is March 23. 

Mediumship is a skill anyone can develop with training and practice, Kennedy said, noting “the only real requirement is that you want to.

“It takes time and practice and investment,” along with a non-judgemental and open mind, she noted.    

For some people it’s easier to get started, she said, but “with sufficient time, practice, and mentorship everyone can get to the same place.” 

Kennedy has been teaching at her School of Mediumship and Spiritual Studies for almost a decade. 

She has lived on a farm in Erin for about eight years.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching took place in-person in Erin and Caledon, but now all of her classes and programs happen online.  

Kennedy also does all of her readings virtually – “you don’t have to share space with the person you are reading,” she said.

Kennedy’s first in-person event since 2020 is coming up this spring – a fundraiser stage reading in front of an audience. The venue is not yet set. 

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