Erin hopes fairgrounds can be used as parkland

ERIN – The town will have discussions with the Erin Agricultural Society (EAS) about the possibility of allowing public access to the fairgrounds in Erin village when the site is not being used for specific events.

Mayor Allan Alls received council support for the initiative at the Nov. 19 meeting. Councillor Jamie Cheyne declared a conflict since he is on the EAS board, and did not participate in the discussion or vote.

“The village of Erin has very little parkland,” said Alls, noting that the public used to have access to the fairgrounds. They were fenced off by EAS due to concerns about vandalism to buildings and the cost of insurance.

Alls said that if the town could lease the land at a minimal cost, the town’s insurance would provide coverage.

“I think it’s quite workable,” said Alls. Councillor Mike Robins said it would be “a great win for the community”.