Erin budget passed with 3% tax rate increase for 2024

ERIN – Council here passed the town’s 2024 budget on Dec. 14, incorporating changes previously discussed at a Dec. 6 meeting.

At that meeting, a motion by councillor John Brennan to move $160,000 from the town’s tax rate stabilization reserve was carried, lessening next year’s rate increase.

Staff also deferred spending on a new vehicle, on the design of a multi-use recreational facility and on the rebuilding of a wall at Lang Cemetery to get the rate down.

Mayor Michael Dehn said the town is trying to give taxpayers “a little bit of a breather, because everything else is costing a lot more, including groceries next year.”

With the draw on reserves, the current budget proposes an additional $235,757 to be raised through taxation, bringing the total 2024 tax levy to $8.34 million, resulting in a 3% tax rate increase.

According to the town, residents will see the town’s portion of tax bills next year increase by $29.48, based on a home assessed at $600,000 in 2016.

The total overall budget, including the cost of government, services to residents and infrastructure, is pegged at $42.11 million.

That total includes $25.23 million in work related to the wastewater treatment plant, which is being funded by developers and development charges.

Notable expenses funded entirely by taxation in the 2024 budget include:

  • two new pickup trucks ($140,000);
  • a wood chipper replacement ($100,000);
  • a traffic consolidation study ($100,000);
  • a feasibility study for Erin Fire Station 10 ($50,000);
  • a corporate strategic plan ($50,000);
  • heritage designation reports ($60,000); and
  • development of town green standards ($25,000).