Eramosa 4-H dairy club members get hands dirty at farm meetings

GUELPH/ERAMOSA – The first meeting of the 4-H Eramosa Dairy Club was hosted by Fraeland Farms owners Jackie and Steve Fraser. The meeting began with elections in which leaders Lyndon Stewart, Allison West, and Vera Hoogendoorn made comments about each role.

Elected to the role of 2023 club president is Josh Brander. Emily Lennox is vice president, Alex Swackhamer is secretary, and the press reporter is Charlotte Roberts.

Members had plenty of fun with a scavenger hunt all over the farm.

We finished the night by thanking the hosts and had a snack provided by Fraberts Fresh Food.

The second club meeting was hosted at Dolafton farm, operated by Alex and Angela Dolson. 

Lennox opened the meeting with the 4-H pledge and followed by introducing Alex. Members read the minutes provided by Swackhammer before following Alex Dolson into the barn.

In two groups, members were taught how to judge a class of dairy cattle. After, Steve Vallenga demonstrated hoof trimming, talked of its importance, and how it can help correct a show calf’s walk or stance.

The meeting was ended with the 4-H motto and  the Dolsons were thanked for their hospitality. 

The group had a snack provided by Lennox. 

At the club’s third meeting, members gathered at Scott Gordon’s farm for a clipping meeting.

The 4-H pledge kicked things off and members received minutes of the previous meeting provided by Swackhamer. 

Leader Stewart demonstrated what tools and helpful things should be kept in a show box.

There was a demonstration about how to clip the stomach and legs of a calf, and then members split into groups of three with leaders further demonstrating technique. 

Once the stomach and the legs of the calf were clipped, members went out and had a snack provided by Colton West. 

After, members were shown how to clip the tail and topline of a calf before trying it out themselves.

The 4-H motto concluded the meeting and Gordon was thanked for the hospitality.

Charlotte Roberts