Eden Mills Writers’ Festival Speaker Series will feature Gwynne Dyer

Eden Mills – The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival has announced the Saturday Speaker Series special guest:  author Gwynne Dyer.

Dyer will be conducting a talk and discussion on the subject After Iraq…? on Sept. 19. The speaker series will be replacing the regular Saturday seminar this year.

At the conclusion of Dyer’s talk, a special guest writer, Ray Robertson, will conduct an in-depth interview followed by a question and answer session for the audience.

Robertson is an accomplished writer himself, having written numerous novels, in­cluding Home Movies, Heroes and What Happened Later. His latest novel, David, is a work of historical fiction set in the African-American Elgin settlement near present-day Chat­ham. Robertson is also a contributing book reviewer for the Globe and Mail.

That event will begin at 1pm at The Bookshelf’s eBar, at 41 Quebec Street in Guelph. Tickets will be $10 and are available at the door, or from The Bookshelf.

About Dyer

Dyer was born in New­foundland and trained as an his­torian. He has worked as a freelance journalist, syndicated columnist, broadcaster, military historian, and lecturer on international affairs for over 20 years.

He has received degrees from Canadian, American, and British universities including a Ph.D. in Military and Middle Eastern History from the Uni­versity of London.

He is perhaps best known for his twice-weekly columns on international affairs that are carried by over 175 Newspapers in 45 countries.

Dyer has been recognized with many accolades and nominations, including an Acade­my Award nomination for an episode from the documentary War. As a prolific writer and commentator, he has published a number of books on the politics of the post-9/11 world and on the geopolitics of climate change including Ignorant Armies (2003), Future: Tense (2004), With Every Mistake (2005), The Mess They Made (2006) and Climate Wars (2008).

The festival

The Eden Mills Writers’ Festival is celebrating its 21st anniversary. This year’s festival takes place on Sept. 20 from noon to 6pm.

For more festival details, visit edenmillswritersfesti­val.ca.