Drexler Construction awarded Domville Street reconstruction project by Wellington North

WELLINGTON NORTH – Domville Street residents will experience a smoother drive after the summertime.

Council here has approved a staff recommendation to award Guelph/Eramosa-based Drexler Construction with a contract to handle reconstruction of a roughly 427 metre portion of Domville Street in Arthur, between Preston Street North and Conestoga Street North.

Quotes for the job were received by the township from Drexler Construction Ltd. and Moorefield Excavating Ltd., with the latter submitting a quote of $2.37 million – 19 per cent higher than Drexler’s quote of $1.98 million. 

Even with the lesser quote, with contingency and other costs the job still comes in $75,000 above the $2.23 million overall project cost approved in the 2022 capital budget.

To cover the overage, council approved funds to be used from the township’s waterworks and sewer reserves, as well as unallocated provincial infrastructure grant dollars.

The total cost of the project rings in, pre-tax, at $2.3 million. 

The breakdown is as follows: 

– road and drainage, $1.28 million;

– sanitary sewers, $219,718;

– water works, $447,047;

– miscellaneous, $32,120;

– contingency, $160,000; and

– engineering/testing, $160,000.

In a report to council on the quotes, township operations director Matt Aston noted the township is negotiating with the developer of a residential subdivision adjacent to Domville Street, known as Forest View Estates, for a contribution toward the project, from which the developer will benefit.

The first phase of construction, consisting of underground work and an initial layer of asphalt, is to be completed by the end of September. 

The second phase, consisting of a second asphalt layer, needs to be completed by the end of June in 2023.