Drayton Legion presents service pins

DRAYTON – During the April 21 general meeting at the Drayton Legion years-of-service pins were handed out to eligible members.

A motion was passed to recognize current members for their years as members. 

Those in attendance received the lapel pins presented by Sgt. At Arms David Ritchie, who received a 45-year pin from president Mary Miller.

Kathy Mallet was in attendance to receive a 10-year pin and Tom Schieck received a five-year pin.

Al Cunningham, Barb Ritchie, Mary Miller, Shirley Cooper were on hand to receive 30-year pins.

Those not in attendance to receive their pins included: 

– 45 years, Rod Lambert;

– 40 years, Philip Moore, Dorothy Cherrey and Howard Madill;

– 30 years, Gary Villemaire, Allan Cherrey, Dave Cooper and Larry Groshaw;

– 20 years, Dave Franklin, Patricia Cherrey, Arden Mick and Doug Foell;

– 15 years, Andrea Taggart and Ron Ellis;

– 10 years, Dave Dippel, Eliza Dippel, Arthur Miller and Jeremy Higgis;

– Five years, Marg Driscoll, Donald Robb, Jennifer Klaussen, Tim Dickieson, Doug Good, Collen Rob, Steve Thompson and Christine Stanley.