Drain improvement tender awarded

MAPLETON – Construction work on Mapleton drains will be completed by Hanna and Hamilton Construction. 

Mapleton council awarded the tender to construct Brandt A and D drain improvements during its regular meeting on April 9. 

Hanna and Hamilton Construction submitted the lowest of five bids for the project, with a contract of $319,492 ($282,736 plus $36,756 HST).  

This bid is about 10 per cent lower than RJ Burnside Engineers, the township’s consultant, estimated the project would cost.

The other four bids received ranged from $298,817 to $390,600 before tax. 

The company is set to begin work on or about Sept. 1 and “have the work substantially completed on or before Dec. 31,” states a report from the Mapleton Public Works department. 

Director of public works Jamie Morgan noted this timeline is desirable as it allows time to get the wheat crops off the fields before construction begins. 

The watershed for the project is near the intersection of Highway 6 and Sideroad 21, southeast of Arthur, and the maintenance will be paid for by the people living within the watershed.

Burnside senior project manager Greg Nancekivell told the Advertiser “the improvements to Brandt A Drain include the installation of approximately 1,300 metres of concrete tile and high density polyethylene pipes … 11 concrete catch basins, one road crossing with approximately 15 metres of smooth wall steel casing and approximately 140 metres of channel clean out.

“The improvements to Brandt D Drain include the installation of approximately 170 metres of … concrete tile and one concrete catch bin,” he said.