Dr. Rob speaks to Puslinch sheep club members

PUSLINCH – On May 29, veterinarian Dr. Rob came to visit the 4H Puslinch sheep club.

He talked to us about many things including docking tails and why we do it, vaccines and diseases like whitemuscle, soremouth, etc.

We got to learn about colostrum and how its important for a lamb to get it within 24  hours of its birth.

Dr. Rob also showed us samples of sheep vaccines.

Afterwards we moved on to judging.

We judged classes of hay, work boots, eggs and running shoes.

Then we talked about the importance of using correct judging terms and giving your answer confidently.

We briefly went over the time and date of our next meeting.

And then ended with our 4H motto “learn to do by doing.”

After the meeting we all enjoyed cookies and mini donuts provided by the Swackhammer family.

Submitted by Annalise Jelich