Development charges reduced in township

MAPLETON – Development charges have been reduced in a new bylaw passed by council on April 14.

The fees applied to construction projects cover growth-related costs of development in the municipality.

The charges take into account services such as roads, fire protection, parks and recreation and administration on a township-wide basis and provide for additional charges for wastewater and water services in urban areas.

Under the new calculations, development charges for a single-detached home would total $13,105 in urban areas of the township and $4,802 in rural areas. That’s an increase from current fees of $16,326 in the urban areas and $9,671 in rural areas.

For non-residential construction, fees will drop from $2.98 per square foot of floor areas to $1.51 per square foot in rural areas. In urban areas areas the fees will total $4.07, down from $4.20.

The residential charges for a single-detached unit represent a 20% decrease from the current charges; 3% for non-residential charges.