Developer proposes 332-unit residential subdivision in Hillsburgh

Proposed 'Hillsburgh Heights' development would connect to town’s wastewater treatment plant

ERIN – Town council here is reviewing a development proposal that would see an additional 332 residential units in Hillsburgh.

On April 14, council received a report on the draft plan of subdivision, official plan amendment and zoning bylaw amendment for 5916 Trafalgar Road.

The site is 40.4 hectares (99.83 acres) in size, with frontage of approximately 450m along Trafalgar Road, the report noted.

The proposal includes 284 single-detached dwellings and 48 street townhouse dwelling units divided into two blocks, as well as land for a possible future school and a park, just west of Trafalgar Road and north of Upper Canada Drive.

The applicant, Hillsburgh Heights Inc., wants to rezone the lands from future development to residential to allow the proposed residential uses, school, park, and stormwater management facilities.

Erin’s senior planner Tanjot Bal said the development would offer a complete community, “designed to meet people’s needs by providing convenient access to an appropriate mix of jobs, local services, public service facilities and a full range of housing options.

“This includes additional residential units and affordable housing to accommodate a range of incomes and housing sizes,” she explained.

The review of the application was also accompanied by a public meeting, at which council received input from Janet Harrop, president of the Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA).

Harrop noted the WFA would like to see houses built “up” more instead of “out” to preserve land, stressing houses with 75-foot frontages are excessive.

“This subdivision highlights the need to pause and consider agricultural land rezoning in the future priorities,” said Harrop.

Mayor Allan Alls thanked Harrop for her presentation, adding council shares the WFA’s concern about preserving agricultural land.

Connecting to the wastewater treatment plant

Councillor Michael Robins noted the land is as far from the wastewater treatment plant as it can be while still being within Hillsburgh’s urban boundary.

And yet, aside from one other application, it’s the first to come to council.

Robins asked if the development would have an impact on current residents trying to connect to the proposed wastewater facility.

“Does this, as far away as it is, have any impact on facilitating the ability for existing households to get access to the wastewater treatment facility?” he asked.

Nick Colucci, director of infrastructure services, said the town has already awarded the wastewater treatment plant, which includes the capacity to service the new developments.

“That will be constructed over the next two years,” he explained.

“We are getting ready to tender for the collection system, which includes segments one, two, three and four. Segment four will service Hillsburgh up Trafalgar Road.”

Colucci noted the developer will be responsible for external servicing from the development to the end of that segment– work that would also proceed over the next two years.

“As for the existing properties in Hillsburgh, we will be servicing the existing homes and businesses on Trafalgar Road as we build segment four and then the other properties within Hillsburgh we’ll have to service at a later date,” he explained.

Council received the report for information and town planning staff will provide all comments from circulated departments, agencies and the public for the applicant to review before coming back to council.