Dentist offering free appointments once again

FERGUS – Once again Dr. Raj Khanuja is offering free appointments at his dental offices in Brampton, Orangeville, Stoney Creek, Scarborough, Hillburgh and Fergus – his way of giving back and helping people who put dental care on the back burner to manage other expenses.

Open to all

Appointments are open to anyone in the community in need of dental treatment.

Procedures offered include:

– cleaning (scaling up to two units, polish, fluoride);

– white/tooth coloured filling limited to one tooth per patient; or

– simple extraction (removal of tooth) limited to one tooth per patient.

Patients must not have any medical contraindications for this program, Khanuja said.

Dental treatment will be offered from 10am to 4pm on the following days and locations:

– Nov. 21, Castlemore Dental, 9980 Airport Rd. Unit 7, Brampton, 905-654-2273;

– Nov. 29, Headwaters Dental, 170 Lakeview Rd. Unit 3B, Orangeville, 519-941-2273;

– Dec. 6, Castlemore Dental, 11 Mill St., Hillsburgh, 519-855-4993;

– Jan. 17, 2024, Castlemore Dental, 518 Centennial Parkway N. Stoney Creek, 905-664-2279;

– Jan. 31, Castlemore Dental, 3132 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough, 416-930-2273;

– Feb. 10, Castlemore Dental, 3037 Hurontario St., Mississauga, 905-896-3838;

– Feb. 16, Castlemore Dental, 93 Parkside W, Fergus, 519-787-2271;

– Feb. 28, Flower City Dental, 11825 Bramalea Rd., Brampton, 905-792-2773.

Cost is free but patients must call the appropriate clinic to book.