Darren’s Day funds used to enhance facilities

PALMERSTON – The goal behind Darren’s Day 2019 was to honour the memory of Darren More and give back to the community he loved so much.

Thanks to the support of friends, families and neighbours, approximately $2,000 was gifted to the Minto Minor Sports, Palmerston Marlins, Palmerston Lions and Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington.

Those funds have been invested into the community with some notable additions in Palmerston.

The Town of Minto used the minor sports funds to overhaul the Lawrence Park ball diamond in Palmerston. Previously the site had smaller team benches without any added safety features. Thanks to Darren’s Day Funds, the diamond now has two new, larger team benches with safety screens and new bleachers for fans.


Daphne and Pam are joined by Town of Minto parks lead hand Duane Voll on the new Lawrence Park ball diamond benches, which, along with bleachers were updated with Darren’s Day Funds.

“As an avid supporter of the Palmerston Marlins Fastball Club, Darren would be pleased to see a new safety net installed at the Marlin’s south diamond. The netting prevents foul balls from hitting players and spectators off the field,” organizers note.

The Palmerston Lions were chosen as Darren’s Day benefactors due to their good work in the community. The Lions used their funds to further beautify the Lions Heritage Park.

With such a large park, there are ongoing projects to keep up the enjoyment of the space, said Fred Smith of the Palmerston Lions. One of the club’s initiatives for the park was planting trees.

The funds given to Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington are being held for a special initiative that addresses impaired driving.

Darren More was killed in a motor vehicle collision in July 2018 where the driver of the second vehicle was impaired by drug.

More was a husband, father, son, brother and son-in-law and an active member of the local community who believed in giving back.

Darren’s Day will return for Family Day in 2020 with more information coming in December 2019.