Darren Jones receives Eugene McAdams award for service, commitment as building official

KENILWORTH – Wellington North chief building official Darren Jones was presented with the Eugene McAdams Memorial Award during the Jan. 16 council meeting.

McAdams was chief building official for Grey Township and served as chair of the Grey-Bruce chapter of the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) and the award, presented to a chapter member displaying service and commitment, was established in 1994.

Tara Davis, chief building official for South Bruce Peninsula and chair of the Bluewater Chapter of the OBOA, spoke at the meeting.

“We would like to present this award to Darren for his outstanding commitment and contributions to the Bluewater Chapter.

“Over the last eight years Darren has contributed his time as secretary, as well as serving on the builder’s forum committee,” Davis said.

“Darren’s knowledge and experience as chief building official is respected throughout the community of building officials.”

She added, “His gracious, humble kind, and to-the-point demeanor is truly valued by all of us.

“He is always one of the first members to lend advice and support as needed in the building industry.” 

After Davis concluded her remarks there was a brief applause and OBOA director Terry Kuipers, chief building official for the Town of Minto, congratulated Jones.

“Darren, through his work, both his job here as well as with the chapter itself, demonstrated the professionalism of building officials,” Kuipers said.

Mayor Andy Lennox also congratulated Jones.

In a statement provided to the Community News, Jones wrote he is honoured by the award.

“Participating on the executive of the Bluewater Chapter of OBOA has been a rewarding experience,” Jones wrote.

“Getting out and networking with others in the industry is an important part of the job — it expands all or our knowledge and helps us all become more consistent when administering the building code.”

Community News Staff