Darling Ingredients achieves safety milestone

ROTHSAY – Darling Ingredients is proud to announce the team at its facility here has achieved a significant milestone of six years and 14,496,838 kilometres without a motor vehicle accident. 

In a May 3 press release, the company says the accomplishment is “a testament to the safety culture” it has built within its organization.

“Darling Ingredients prioritizes safety, and ensures that the workers are equipped with the necessary tools and training to ensure safe driving practices on the road and in the plant,” officials state. 

The company believes safety is everyone’s responsibility, and its employees are “proud to have achieved this milestone together.” 

To celebrate the achievement, on April 28 the company hosted a small celebration for its hardworking team.

A food truck was on site and a cake was provided for workers. 

“The team enjoyed the food and the celebration of their hard work,” the release states. 

The company  thanked its drivers, workers and management for their dedication to safety and hard work in achieving this milestone.

The Darling Ingredients team recently achieved a safety milestone: six years without a motor vehicle accident. From left: Unifor president and electric lead hand Chris Kiers, Unifor fleet/driver Gord Bradley and senior logistics officer Dennis Coelho. Submitted photo