Dark too Soon

Like most Canadians, we find Fall a tough season. Yes, the colours are wonderful and the cool evenings are agreeable, but we can’t stand the sun going down so soon.

Even mornings are tougher this time of year. 

Daylight savings will help a bit to start the day with some sunlight, but that also means a drive home in the dark. 

We will all walk this plank until mid-December when days start to get longer.

Looking over the jobs yet to do before winter lands, there is much to accomplish. 

Between leaves, deck furniture, plowing the garden and other outdoor activities, we aren’t so sure enough daylight hours remain with other obligations this time of year. But, best efforts will be made.

While a dreary start to this week’s column it demonstrates the plight of Canadians and the need to just get on with it. 

Complaining doesn’t get the work done and failing to get up and get at it means for sure jobs will go untended.

There are things in life we can work around, but nature and seasons are factors that are simply out of people’s control. 

We’ll just have to deal with it.