Curtain rises for Peter Pan at The Fergus Grand Theatre

FERGUS – The Centre Wellington (CW) Children’s Drama Club put on four full-house performances on April 26 and 27 at The Fergus Grand Theatre, bringing to life the timeless coming-of-age story of Peter Pan. 

Directed by classically-trained actor Katy Chapman, the cast of 23 young actors navigated the stage with comedic timing, creative set design and crafty lighting features. 

“What’s different about these shows is each child learns two roles,” explains producer Paige Christopher. “They perform one role in the morning show and another that afternoon.”

 Juggling homework and memorizing two sets of lines is nothing short of impressive. 

Another unique element of the CW Children’s Drama Club is the entire production is run as a co-op – with parents bringing hammer to nail building pirate ships, designing two to three costumes per actor, and altogether setting the stage for their kids. 

Beginning in October, members learn a range of skills, honing their craft so come January, rehearsals for the season’s show can begin in earnest. 

Friday’s performance saw an audience of local students and folks from Wellington Community Living. Saturday was a chance for parents and friends of the cast to take in the magic. 

Full of adventure and animated moments, Peter Pan is yet another lively production from Wellington’s local kids (and parents).