Crime Stoppers Month celebrates 35th anniversary

Standing together against crime – The Crime Stoppers flag was proudly raised in front of the Mount Forest Museum and Archives on Jan. 11 to raise awareness for Crime Stoppers Month and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the organization in Wellington County. This year’s theme is “Stand Up, Stand Together.” From left are: CSGW program coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter, CSGW president Deryck West, Wellington North councillors Steve McCabe and Penny Rankin, Perth-Wellington MPP Matthew Rae, acting general manager of 88.7 The River Chris Holden, Wellington OPP assistant staff sergeant Scott Vallier and Wightman TV producer Adam Olivero.                                                               

Celebrating 35 years – Perth-Wellington MPP Matthew Rae was on hand in Mount Forest on Jan. 11 to congratulate Crime Stoppers Guelph Wellington (CSGW), on the organization’s 35th anniversary. From left; CSGW president Deryck West, Rae, and CSGW program coordinator Sarah Bowers-Peter. Photo by Sue Hogenkamp