‘Court jesters of classical’ Joe Trio coming to Eden Mills

EDEN MILLS – Music at the Hall presents Joe Trio, the “court jesters of classical,” on April 19 at 7:30pm at the Eden Mills Community Hall.  

Eden Mills is lucky to be able to welcome this Vancouver-based group on their province-wide tour. 

Joe Trio is not your average piano trio.

They regale with their wild takes on classical music, intrigue with their unique arrangements of pop and jazz favourites, and  take the audience’s breath away with their musical talent.   

Amply witty, charming and tremendously musical, Joe Trio performs and reforms music from Papa Haydn to the Pink Panther Theme.

Joe Trio was founded in 1989 in Vancouver and features Cameron Wilson (violin), Charles Inkman (cello) and Allen Stiles (piano).  

They have performed throughout Canada and the United States, have made three CD’s and collaborated with everyone from Stuart McLean on Vinyl Café tours to symphony orchestras. 

“We are excited to hear the trio play in the excellent acoustics of our heritage Community Hall,” organizers say.   

Tickets for adults are $30; $10 for students. They can be purchased at www.edenmills.ca/event-5207520 or at the door.