County recognized by waste association

WELLINGTON COUNTY – The Municipal Waste Association (MWA) recognized Wellington County’s Solid Waste Services (SWS) on May 26,  with three awards for innovative promotional and educational (P&E) materials.

The MWA showcases and celebrates municipal excellence around waste minimization and diversion with the P&E Awards. Winners are selected by municipal peers and industry professionals who evaluate submissions for effectiveness, novelty, innovation, value to others, and planning/implementation.

Wellington County was recognized for the following 2021 projects:

– one-page curbside collection schedules (Print Tool – Bronze);

– online advertisement for the Recycle Coach waste app (Social Media & Online Strategy – Bronze); and

– Waste Reduction Week (WRW) promotion (Campaign by a small municipality of 50,000 households or less – Silver).

“On behalf of county council, I would like to congratulate and thank the Solid Waste Services team for their continued innovation,” said Warden Kelly Linton.

“It is an honour for the county to be recognized by the Municipal Waste Association again this year,” said county councillor and SWS chair Gregg Davidson.