County plans all-way stop signs for trucks using ‘Terrace Road’

When Well­ing­ton County built a road to the rear of its new Wellington Terrace for construction work­ers and trucks, there were fears in Centre Wellington that traf­fic from a proposed subdivision would use the road as a shortcut off Colborne Street.

The subdivision is not built yet, but the fears about traffic streams have been borne out.

The county information, heri­tage, and seniors commit­tee has recommended plac­­ing stop signs on the road because of too much traffic.

Warden John Green was a little puzzled why commercial trucks, in particular, are using that road when it is actually not a shortcut.

The committee recommen-dation stated, “Due to the issue of an increasing amount of traf­fic using the Terrace driveway to access County Road 18 from Colborne Street, the committee was in support of traffic calm­ing measures being taken.”

The recommendation in­clu­d­ed that Terrace administrator Peter Barnes arrange for a four-way stop where the driveway intersects with the main drive­way to the seniors’ home.

Councillor Chris White pre­sented the report in the absence of chairman Brad Whitcombe.

Councillor Jean Innes asked if any other measures were con­­sidered besides those stop signs.

Green said several sugges­tions were men­tioned.

“We have now found that trucking firms are going through as a shortcut to County Road 18. A four-way stop may be more efficient,” Green said.

The warden continued, “There’s been a number of transport trucks going through that road – for no particular reason. It’s not really a short­cut.”

Innes wondered if that might be because of narrow roads going around that muse­um and Terrace lands.

White said the committee is simply “recognizing there is a problem there.”

Green said the problem is staff from the Terrace are walk­ing in the area with seni­ors, and, “We don’t want a resident run over by a truck.”

Councillor Barb McKay sug­gested council could “for­bid trucks except delivery vehicles.”

Green said the committee is taking that into consideration, too. And, he added again, the route is no real shortcut to County Road 18.