County OPP shows many fatalities occur here in last half of year

Police are reminding residents that road safety is high on the agenda in the business plan for the county OPP.

OPP Constable Mark Cloes reported that part of the goal in this plan is to reduce fatal collisions that bring tragedy to the forefront and snarl our roadways

The results of the plan have been fairly consistent for the past three years in the county during the second half of each year.

“Within the last six months of each year, we have investigated a similar amount of fatal collisions,” Cloes said.

Statistics show the county investigated:

– 2007, nine fatal collisions to the end of June, and finished the year with 17;

– 2008, two to the end of June, and 11 by year’s end;

– 2009, two fatalities to the end of June, finishing the year with 11.

So far in 2010, there has been one fatal accident to end of June.

Cloes said police offer some driving tips to help people avoid collisions:

– plan your route. Always pay attention to all traffic around you;

– do not assume that others see you;

– always signal all turns and lane changes;

– slow down and drive defensively. Leave in plenty of time on your route in case of slowdowns;

– try to maintain a safe following distance; and

– look well down the road to help anticipate possible prob­lems.

Cloes said police are hoping everyone can finish the re­main­der of 2010 without any further fatal collisions in the county.