County council remuneration cost just under $1.1 million in 2022

GUELPH – The cost of compensating Wellington County councillors was just under $1.1 million in 2022.

That’s up from about $915,000 in combined remuneration received by councillors in 2021. 

A statement of remuneration and expenses for county council was presented at the Feb. 23 meeting.

Pay, expenses and benefits for all council members totalled $1,096,036 for 2022.

Kelly Linton, who served as warden in 2022, was the highest paid member of council last year, receiving a total salary of $124,894 plus benefits of $ 25,757 and expenses of $7,755, for total remuneration of $158,407.

For the seven council members who are also mayors of their respective municipalities, the county compensation is in addition to remuneration received from their home municipality.

Benefits include the employer portion of OMERS and CPP as well as dental and extended health coverage. Expenses include amounts reimbursed to officials plus amounts paid on their behalf.

Annual filing of the statement is a requirement under the Municipal Act.