County approves 30 additional emergency child care spaces

Spaces located in Guelph, Fergus

GUELPH – With the extension of remote learning in Wellington County and the City of Guelph, the County of Wellington announced the approval of 30 additional emergency school age child care spaces.

The YMCA of Three Rivers will provide 15 spaces at St. Michael Catholic School in Guelph and 15 additional spaces will be provided by the Community Resource Centre at JD Hogarth Public School in Fergus.

The spaces were available as of Jan. 25.

“The County of Wellington would like to thank the YMCA of Three Rivers and the Community Resource Centre for working closely with our division to increase emergency school age child care spaces,” said Luisa Artuso, Director of the Children’s Early Years Division in a Jan. 22 press release.

“These spaces will continue to operate until elementary schools re-open in Guelph and Wellington County. To keep the community safe, families will not be able to transfer from one location to a new location,” Artuso added.

How to register

For more information on how to register for Emergency School-Age Child Care visit:

To date, 120 emergency school age child care spaces have been created to support frontline and essential workers.