Council wants details of smart metering program

Coun­cillors here would like to raise their IQs when it comes to Smart Metering in Wellington North.

Wellington North council was  recently faced with a re­quest from Wellington North Power (WNP) asking that it acknowledge the utility’s plan to seek third party funding for a program to install more smart meters in the township

Correspondence from WNP president and  Chief Executive Officer and Clerk Judy Rosebrugh noted that at the shareholders meeting late last year, Wellington North Power outlined its 2008 capital project which included smart meters.

“As a 97% shareholder of Wellington North Power, the Township of Wellington North council is asked to acknowledge, in writing, our requirement to secure $1-million in third party debt in order to meet the provincial government’s mandate to install smart meters for every residential and small general service customer in Ontario.”

Councillor Dan Yake said he has read a bit about smart meters, but he would like some­one from Wellington North Power to explain to coun­cil what the project is about.

He questioned whether the request was to acknowledge the program, or seeking financial backing.

Mayor Mike Broomhead, who also chairs Wellington North Power, said the request is for acknowledgement since the township is the major stakeholder.

Yake still wanted to see a presentation.

In part it was his own interest, but he added there may be members of the community unaware of the program and that the utility is looking to get third party funding of $1-million. A presentation, he suggested, might provide those answers, even though he agrees the program is government mandated.

Chief Administrative Offi­cer and Clerk Lori Heinbuch stated a presentation was made to the finance committee. Part of the application process includes getting township ap­proval,

“The finance committee may have gotten the presentation, but we, as a council, are the ones who have to vote,” Yake said. He said he would need to see the presentation to know what to ask.

The motion allowing Well­ington North Power to seek third party funding was ap­proved that night, with the as­surance a representative of Wellington North Power would make a presentation on the smart metering program.

“Perhaps it can be the grade 5 presentation so we can all understand it,” quipped Yake.