Erin council paid pre-tax total of $182,415 in 2023

ERIN – The total paid to Erin council in 2023 was $182,415, according to a remuneration statement prepared by treasurer Wendy Parr and presented to council on Feb. 8.

That’s an increase of less than one per cent when compared to last year’s total of $181,827.

However, it represents an increase of 8.5% since 2019, when council gave itself yearly raises to compensate for the removal of an income tax exemption by the federal government.


Mayor Michael Dehn was paid $50,132 before tax deductions last year, with a salary of $35,295 and $14,837 in benefit payments.

Benefits include what the town pays into pension plans and health coverage.

Dehn also earned $1,634 for his position on the Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) board, however the mayor said he donates that income to the CVC’s foundation.

He made no claims for conferences or mileage.

Each of the town’s four councillors were paid a pre-deduction base salary of $21,414. Once benefits, conferences and mileage, are included, the totals paid were:

  • Jamie Cheyne, $36,052;
  • Bridget Ryan, $35,004;
  • Cathy Aylard, $32,372; and
  • John Brennan, $28,855.

The town also paid $3,270 to members of the committee of adjustment, livestock evaluators and fence viewers.