Council designates $396,000 for decorative lighting in Alma

MAPLETON – Township council has approved tenders worth just over $396,000 for decorative pedestrian lighting in Alma.

At the May 11 meeting, council awarded the contract for the project to TM3 Inc., the lone bidder on the project.

“We went out to tender for these decorative lights in Alma, we received one bid on this one,” explained public works director Sam Mattina, who noted the approved budget for the project was $240,000.

“However, the bid came in at close to three-ninety-five ($395,000) to do all the work.

“So we’ve broken up into three options here, and staff are recommending option number two, which is to fund the complete project, instead of breaking it up into pieces.”

Other options presented involved splitting the work over additional budget years or reducing the amount of lighting installed.

Mattina told council staff recommended augmenting the budgeted funding with surplus funds from other 2021 capital projects to complete the work in one summer.

Councillor Paul Douglas supported moving forward with the entire project this summer.

“I think it’s more efficient getting it all done at once than breaking it up …” said Douglas.

“And who’s to say what happens next year with variances or budgets. I prefer to just get it done.

“It’s easier for the residents dealing with one contract and one year rather than running over two.”

Councillor Michael Martin said, “I would agree in principle with councillor Douglas. For the hassle it is you do it all at once.”

Noting the budget overage on the project is “significant” and the receipt of a single tender is “kind of awkward,” Martin pointed out there are no guarantees waiting another year would result in savings.

“That’s correct,” said Mattina.

“There’s so many unknowns now, especially with COVID and coming out of COVID. You know, today we can order the light standards and get what we want them to be.

“If we delayed the project and do it two parts, we may not be able to match. It’s hard to say.”

Martin said, “I certainly think it’s going to make that town look amazing after dark … It certainly did a world of good for Drayton and Moorefield here a couple years ago.”

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