Council approves sale of land for industrial mall in Palmerston

MINTO – Plans for a new industrial mall in Palmerston are moving forward

Town council approved the sale of a one-acre lot at 340 Minto Road in the Palmerston Industrial Park to J&P Brothers Ltd. at the Jan. 9 meeting.

The company, owned by Johnny Garth Wilson and Sarah Viola, is planning a 7,000 square foot building initially, eventually expanding to a total of 26,000 square feet.

Economic and community development director Belinda-Wick Graham noted in a report to council the property has previously been sold and re-acquired by the town on two occasions. The property was previously owned by both Shrimp Canada and McLellan Industries.

“So hopefully, third time’s the charm,” she observed.

“Their plan is an industrial plaza with smaller units, 1,000 to 2,000 square feet,” said Wick-Graham, adding that four of the units are already spoken for, including two that will be used by the owners.

The company provides professional renovations and maintenance services to Wellington County and Guelph Non-Profit Housing and also manufactures sliding closet doors, kitchen cabinet doors and some non-retail kitchen cabinets for county housing projects, a written report states.

 The company currently employs about 16 people “and as this is built out, obviously more workers will be on site,” said Wick-Graham.

The deal is expected to close on Feb. 8. And the company aims to have the first phase of seven units (7,000 sq. ft.) completed within a year of the building permit being issued.

The company is purchasing the lot for the full asking price of $90,000 and will pay about $38,000 in development charges on the initial phase of the project.

“I think that’s a really good news story,” said Mayor Dave Turton, noting the development highlights the needs for additional housing in the community, “if there’s going to be a few more employees coming for this.

“We need our government to support us,” he added.

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