Council appoints new tile drain inspector, approves Everton subdivision credit reduction

BRUCEDALE – Guelph/Eramosa council sat for  a brief meeting on Feb. 5. They: 

  approved credit reduction for a development; and 

– appointed a new drainage superintendent. 

Everton subdivision 

Public works director Harry Niemi presented a report requesting a reduction in securities for Zentra Investments Limited’s five-lot subdivision on Market Street in Everton. 

Council approved the reduction from $282,858 to no less than $66,725. 

“The long-awaited construction finally commenced last year,” Niemi said, and it consists mostly of a street extension and related drainage improvements to allow for the five additional lots.

“This has been tied into so many budgets for so many years,” said councillor Mark Bouwmeester. “It’s good to see this winding down.” 

“The developer’s engineering consultant, K. Smart Associates Limited has overseen the construction and provided a certification letter,” the report states. “Public Works staff have reviewed and inspected the completed works and agree with the requested reduction.”  

Drainage superintendent

For 25 years, since Guelph/Eramosa amalgamated in 1999, Gerd Uderstadt has worked as the township’s drainage superintendent and tile drain inspector. 

“His knowledge of municipal drains, township geography and local farmers have been invaluable to the township over the past two plus decades,” states a report  that clerk Amanda Knight presented to council. 

His role includes inspecting and documenting tile drainage installations and advising and assisting council with the conservation of these properties. 

“This is a relatively bitter-sweet report,” Knight said, as Uderstadt will be retiring. 

“His wealth of knowledge on drains has been just tremendously helpful to the township,” Knight said. 

Uderstadt recommended that the township appoint R.J. Burnside and Associates as the new drainage superintendent and inspector. 

“After discussions with R.J. Burnside, staff are confident their organization has the resources and expertise in this area to continue providing the standard of service set by Mr. Uderstadt. 

“In addition, Mr. Uderstadt’s casual employment with R.J. Burnside will permit him to provide support during this transitionary period,” the report states. 

Knight said Uderstadt will “train the new person and get them situated into this position.”