Converted carols

Readers often tell me they look forward each year to my annual offering of politically-oriented updates of classic Christmas carols. (Note: This is not true. No one ever mentions it. But I get a kick out of  writing them and I needed a lead in).

And so, without further ado, feel free to sing-along with this election-year lament:

God rest ye Liberal gentlemen

Let nothing you dismay

Remember Stephen Harper had to operate this way

Reduced to a minority your power has gone astray

Oh tidings of electoral reform

Electoral reform

Oh tidings of electoral reform

Or, perhaps your concerns this holiday season are more Conservative in nature? Hence:

Have a holly Tory Christmas

But if your name is Andrew Scheer,

Things went sour pretty fast

Didn’t make it through the year.

But now who will lead the party?

They often seem to get it wrong,

Peter McKay has had his day,

Paging Michael Chong?

To those of you still reading, thanks for the indulgence. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful new year!