Company hired to create promotional Minto videos

Town council here is hiring Tall Tale Media to promote Minto to investors and potential residents.

Minto’s economic development and planning committee recommended the town hire the company at a cost not to exceed $3,000 to create two promotional videos to highlight in­vestment and lifestyles within the municipality.

Minto’s business and economic manager Belinda Wick-Graham provided information on Tall Tale Media, a new company in Palmerston.

Wick-Graham described the company as a media service that combines video, audio, and photographs to create compelling stories. She proposed using the company to create two videos, one to promote in­vesting in Minto, and one to promote the lifestyle and residential component of Minto.

The videos would use business and residential testimonials as well as live footage and photos to tell Minto’s story.

The videos could be posted on the town website, the chamber website, and various social media, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as being used in tradeshows and included in investment packages.

The business has offices in Palmerston and Stratford.

Wick-Graham said half of the cost would be covered under the town’s rural economic development grant.