Company breaks ground on industrial condominium development

'Palmerston Business Junction' to include medical, office, industrial, warehouse units

By Nicole Beswitherick

PALMERSTON – Officials with the Town of Minto and Kridak Developments gathered on May 16 for a groundbreaking ceremony for the “Palmerston Business Junction.”

The industrial condominium development, located at 200 Minto Rd. in the Palmerston Industrial Park, will include medical, office, industrial and warehouse units and is expected to open in 12 to 15 months.

What began as a three-acre lot purchase, has doubled to a six-acre development totalling 150,000 square feet.

The junction will consist of three condominium buildings with 35 total units, 20 which officials say have already been sold to medical professionals.

“The Town of Minto, and in particular the community of Palmerston, are growing at record pace and are currently exceeding projected growth forecasts with numerous subdivisions planned,” said Belinda Wick-Graham, Minto’s director of economic and community development.

These subdivisions are planned for not only Palmerston, but for neighbouring communities as well.

“As our population continues to grow, demand for medical practitioners of all backgrounds will also continue to grow,” said Wick-Graham.

In fact, there is already a shortage of family physicians, RMTs and other specialty medical services in the area.

The plan is to have the Palmerston Business Junction provide practitioners with space to meet the growing demand in the community.

Officials with the Town of Minto and Kridak Developments gathered on May 16 for the groundbreaking ceremony for the “Palmerston Business Junction.” Photo by Nicole Biswitherick


The development is also unique to Minto as it provides the opportunity to own or rent an industrial/commercial condominium.

Minto Mayor David Turton said the name Palmerston Business Junction is linked to the town’s rich railroad history, specifically Whites Road Junction, which is now a walking along the former CN rail line.

“The Kridak Group met with our staff three years ago with an amazing plan [for] this land we are standing on,” Turton said.

The mayor added town officials welcomed the Kridak Group to Palmerston with open arms, noting professional, commercial and industrial space is exactly what the town needs.

Kridak CEO N.A. Shiromany told the crowd site preparation has begun, and construction will soon proceed.

A large sign at the site includes an artist’s rendering of the condominium buildings and offers other information for potential purchasers/renters. Photo by Nicole Beswitherick


“It is a pleasure to be here as we celebrate the start of the construction of foundations for this exciting new project,” said Shiromany.

“It is indeed a very special day for Kridak.”

Shiromany explained the company has worked closely with local stakeholders and government officials to ensure the project aligns with the needs and the priorities of the surrounding area.

“We believe that by working together, we can create something truly special that benefits everyone,” he said.

Shiromany, who noted he and his company are invested in the local community and its people, said the buildings will be completed in 12 to 15 months – “no doubt about it.”

“I wish [the people of Palmerston] all the good luck, and as they grow, I’d also like to grow,” he said.