Community Christian School to purchase surplus lands

MAPLETON – Council here approved transferring ownership of two unopened road allowances, declared surplus lands, from the township to Community Christian School on Nov. 26.

Located at 35 High Street  in Drayton, the two roads are already used by the school. One of the roads is currently used for staff parking while the other crosses through the middle of the school property, “extending directly over the playground,” the report states.

The school’s principal/chief operating officer initiated the process to transfer ownership of the land from the township.

The objective of the school is to maintain control  of the land into the future.

“While the township’s policy specifically for selling land forming a closed highway refers to neighbours ‘purchasing the land to its middle line,’ in this instance the effect would be an unworkable and undesirable result,” read the report.

Council waived the right of first refusal to purchase the land to its middle line normally afforded to abutting landowners.

“I had a meeting with the principal of the school and brought this up a few months ago about working with the township about these lands and that’s why it’s been brought up today,” said Mayor Gregg Davidson.

“They are planning some market expansion at the school there so acquiring these lands are helpful in their future.”

The school has already paid $370 for a letter of interest to the township clerk to purchase the unopened roads.

It will also pay a $5,000 deposit for the disposal of surplus lands including a non-refundable $500 administration fee.