Coalition posts live stream video of West Credit River brook trout

ERIN – The Coalition for the West Credit River is pleased to announce the creation of a live stream video feed of brook trout in the West Credit River.

From sunrise to sunset this live stream video feed broadcasts brook trout feeding, hunting, schooling, chasing, and hiding in real-time. 

The underwater camera highlights the pristine water quality and abundant insect life these sensitive fish rely on to survive. 

The live stream can be seen in the spring, summer, and fall on the coalition’s website:

Brook trout in the West Credit River are threatened by the future discharge of 7.2 million litres per day of effluent into the river from the Erin wastewater treatment plant, organizers state. 

The Town of Erin is projected to grow from approximately 4,000 residents today to over 19,000 in the coming decade. The ensuing development will put pressure on the pristine West Credit River ecosystem, organizers say.  

The purpose of the live stream video is to show that brook trout are present in the river and also demonstrate that it is possible to have real-time information broadcast to the public, which the Coalition has asked the Town of Erin to do with their sewage plant effluent and water quality data.

‘Strong mitigation’

“We advocate for strong mitigation measures and have achieved the inclusion of an effluent water temperature limit and the installation of an effluent cooling system,” organizers state.  

“We continue to press for the removal of harmful dams, and the implementation of a rigorous monitoring and adaptive management plan.”  

The coalition is urging the Town of Erin, its consultants, the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks and the Credit Valley Conservation Authority to ensure the protection of this unique native brook trout population.