Clifford group planning outdoor life show

MINTO – Town council has agreed to support organizers of a new outdoor life show in Clifford with free use of the local arena for the event this spring.

Clifford Country Store owner Sarah McGoldrick outlined plans for the show in a letter presented to Minto council on Jan. 23.

“The Town of Minto continues to draw tourists from across Ontario and the world with unique events and recreational activities that provide the community with revenue,” McGoldrick states in the letter.

“In an effort to showcase what our area has to offer, we are planning an outdoor life show that will feature many of the area’s activities and destinations. It will also be an opportunity for local vendors in the outdoor life industry to showcase their products and services.”

She added, “Similar to the Cottage Life Show held annually in Toronto, this event will provide attendees the opportunity to connect with suppliers, vendors and experts in the area of outdoor life, including fishing, hunting, homesteading and recreational activities.”

The letter states the event is planned for May 4 and 5 at the Clifford arena and organizers have been in contact with town staff to confirm the venue’s suitability for the show.

The group has also been in touch with the Clifford Rotary Club, which will be the recipient of any proceeds of the event.

“We are already building a team of volunteers, vendors and supporters to help make this day a success. We hope the Town of Minto will join us in this endeavour by offering the arena for that weekend at no cost,” the letter states.

Councillor Paul Zimmerman noted the “grassroots group” is working to “bring some excitement into Clifford” by hosting an outdoor life show “similar to what the big cities do for cottage life shows and so on.

“I think this is fantastic. It has to start somewhere. If it’s successful, then next year might be even better.”

Acting interim CAO Mark Potter told council information on the proposal was sent to all six members of the community services advisory committee, which unanimously voted in support of waiving fees for the show.

Potter noted facility rental fees for an event of this nature would be approximately $1,500 and council approval is required for waiving of fees over $500.

Mayor Dave Turton noted facility fees have been waived in the past in response to similar requests from community groups.

“We have a bunch of volunteers in Clifford coming forward that want to get something new going and when we have volunteers wanting to do that, that’s an excellent time to support them,” the mayor stated.