Classic whodunit comes to St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

What could possibly go wrong when a group of eight strangers are brought together in a remote English Manor and cut off from the world by an impending snowstorm – with a cold-blooded murderer on the loose? 
Find out at the St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, as the the­atre kicks off its 2008 season with Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit, The Mousetrap.
Mollie and Giles Ralston are the happy young propri­et­ors of a grand countryside hotel who find themselves snowed in with their guests by a sudden winter storm. Blissfully un­aware that a woman has been murdered in the city, when the clues point to the Manor as the killer’s next stopping place, each member of their group soon falls under deepest sus­pi­cion of guilt and the threat of sudden death. But when one of the guests is killed, they realize it is too late … the murderer is already in their midst, making it quickly evident that the killer could be any one of the guests -or even the hosts themselves.
“The St. Jacobs Country Playhouse is an ideal venue to show­case this production,” said artistic director of Drayton Entertainment Alex Mustakas.  “It’s extremely intimate, and audiences can’t help but be drawn into the web of drama and intrigue.”
The play was originally created as a 30-minute BBC radio thriller en­titled Three Blind Mice, which eventually became The Mouse­trap to celebrate a Royal family event.
“The result is a production that will definitely keep audi­ences on the edge of their seats,” said Mustakas. 
This nail-biting thriller is directed by Rona Waddington, Drayton Entertainment’s new artistic and executive associate. 
The Mousetrap is a legen­dary play, known for having the longest initial run of any pro­duction in the world, with 22,800 performances in the course of its 55-year tenure (as of Aug. 15, 2007) in the West End of London.
“Given its wintry setting, The Mousetrap was the perfect choice to launch the season in St. Jacobs this February,” said Mustakas. “The chilling atmosphere created by the gift­ed performers on stage will cer­tainly be heightened by the snowy environment outside.”
The Mousetrap plays eight shows a week, Feb. 13 through March  2. Tickets can be or­dered by calling 519-747-7788 or toll free at 1-888-449-4463. Visit­ for more info.